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Monday, May 14, 2012

imy :'(

on this day exactly a year ago, i saw an adorable stray kitten standing on the cold street, watching over a hobo who was collecting garbage. i adopted the kitten and named her 'Money'.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


the first paper
of my finals,
starts tomorrow,
at 3.30p.m.
have been thriving hardly to study.
failed attempts.
mood swings.
you crossed my mind.
again and again.
at the wrong time.
distracted much.
fell for you
at the wrong time too.
will get this fixed.
right after my finals.
be patient :(

Thursday, November 24, 2011

R.I.P Money

The story begins at one night when cold breeze was howling, just sounded exactly like mournful cries from wolves. The scenario is still very vivid in my mind today, although it was approximately half a year ago. If I'm not mistaken, the date of that day was 15th of May.

Mum, Felix and I were engaged with some closing works in Cosway P. Jaya.

Something caught my attention outside of the shop where I could see through the transparent glass wall. i walked out of the counter out of curiosity and saw a stray kitten with extremely puny limbs watching a hobo who was next to it, collecting discarded cans from a big garbage bin.

I opened the door, squatted down deliberately and started 'meowing' to the kitty. Surprisingly it turned its head to look at me, and replied me with a 'meow'. Th next moment we were 'moewing' to each other as if we were actually conversing. Then, it walked into the shop, like a boss, totally oblivious to any sign of danger. That was when we decided to adopt the kitten.

We named her Money.

This morning, 24th of November, at around 12.30a.m., when I was catching a wink on the sofa, suddenly I was awaken by the scream from my mum. "Faster, Money fell down from the balcony!"

It sounded so dreadful and alarming, that I got up with the WTF-how-could-this-happen feeling instantly, and saw the horrible expression shown by my mum while dashing towards the direction of the main door from the balcony, together with my brother. They opened the door and ran towards the 2nd floor outdoor car park area, which is the spot where Money landed. I rushed to the balcony full of anxiety, hoping this was a dream and took the deep breath before looking down. I saw NOTHING. 

I rushed back to the living room, grabbed her favorite toys and a torchlight, and hurried to the 2nd floor car park area like a G6. 3 of us kept on searching for her, hoping to at least find her body, or if possible, send her to veterinarian to rescue her. However, after spending nearly 2 hours to seek for her from the ground floor up to the 8th floor, since we were afraid that she might be wandering around the block looking for us too after landing, we were all devastated by the fact that she was missing. We checked underneath of every single car at the car park area but the result was  disappointing and depressing. It was 2a.m. plus when we all decided to give up since all of us were tired. and cold, too.

The next morning, my brother went down to the 2nd floor car park area again to continue to look for her with her favourite cat's food when I was about to wake up. It was a cold morning. I have been hiding under the blanket throughout the morning. I got off the bed and dragged myself to the balcony to take a glance at the car park area. My brother gave me the gesture indicating that he still couldn't find Money. Disappointed, I went to take shower and that was when my mum told me that my brother has found money's dead body under a black car at the car park area. 

I could hear my heart shattering. I stoned for a moment, couldn't still accept the fact of her misfortune.

After taking bath, I got a black plastic bag, and went down to the car park with my mum to place her corpse into the plastic bag, having the intention to bury her at the field nearby Oscar's house. My mum sent me to LRT station for college, and subsequently sent my brother to Oscar's house so that Oscar could lend him a hand in burying Money since he is pretty good in burying dead cats. I mean, he is no doubt definitely an experienced cat undertaker.. LOL.

Meanwhile, I was in the LRT, attempting as hard as I could to resist the tears from rolling down from my eyes, yet I couldn't. I've been sobbing all the way from the LRT station nearby my house to the Hang Tuah LRT station. Pedestrians around stared at me with the bizarre look, thinking that I might be the one who has just escaped from Tanjung Rambutan. 

After interchanging to Monorail Station Hang Tuah, I was alone, waiting for the monorail for its arrival. That's when I stopped sobbing and once I saw the bite marks and scratches from Money on my wrists, I cried again, but this time, hysterically. 

In college, I tried very hard not to express my feelings out so that I wouldn't distract my friends during the lecture yet I failed. Kahsam who is soul mate felt the melancholy in me and asked me what happened out of concern, and that didn't make me feel better instead making me to cry out harder. I couldn't pay attention to even a single word blurted out from the mouth of lecturers.

 After class, I went to Cosway Tesco Ampang, which is the new workking place for my mum to get my car so that I could drive back home. After approaching home, I opened the door, and felt an urge of lonliness. 

Normally, when I reach home, Money would come to the door and start meowing non-stop to welcome me back home. But today, no more. 

Normally, after taking bath, I would lie on the sofa, and allow Money to come into my arms, and I would pat her and play with her ears and chin. Both of us would be very enjoying. She would close her eyes and fall into dream and that's when I would deliberately place her onto my belly, allowing her to sleep on my belly. But today, no more.

Normally, when I'm walking towards the kitchen to get something to chew, she would definitely follow behind me into the kitchen, and jump onto the desk to see what I'm doing. But today, no more.

Normally, when I shake my leg when I'm facebooking, she would definitely hide behind an object and observe my moving leg like a paparazzi, and out of sudden dash out to grab my leg. But today, no more.

Normally, I would complain about the bad odour coming out from her droppings. But today, no more.

Normally, I would complain that her meow is kinda annoying. But today, not more.

Normally, I would treat her like my daughter. But today, no more chance.

I miss her adorable face so much. 
I miss her big, around, black eyes so much.
I miss her meow so much.
Her bites from her sharp teeth, her scratches from her sharp paws.
Her body heat.

 This is when she was resting on the TV.

 Whenever there's an opportunity, she would get into the empty rubbish bin like a boss.

 She watches TV although she doesn't understand a single thing. Adorable.

 Sleeping beside my laptop when I'm facebooking.

 Cutest sleeping pose.

 Sleeping with my brother.

 Sleeping on the computer desk when i'm gaming.

 Hiding in my school bag, playing hide and seek with me.

 Sleeping on the computer desk, again.

 She was banging my camera phone with her head. How adorable. sigh.

 Sleeping <3

 Sleeping on the sofa.

 Cutest sleeping pose ever <3

 She was staring at some moving objects.


 Look closer. She was covering her face while sleeping.

 Hiding in my school bag again. <3

We treat her like one of our family member. This was during my mum's birthday. Spot her in this family photo.

I miss her so much. If she is resurrected, I swear I'll treat her much better. I will not complain about her 'meows' that used to be annoying and and her droppings that used to be foul-smelling anymore. I'm willing to let her bite or scratch me, even a hundred times, without protesting. I will not mind anymore.

Unfortunately, life is irreversible. sigh.

May her soul rest in peace. 

You will always be in my heart, Money. =')

Monday, October 10, 2011

Expressing my feelings

A friend of my mother once told me that,

'don't ever be busybody over a matter that doesn't benefit you or only benefits you a little, because eventually when something goes right, no one gives a damn about it, whereas when something goes wrong, everyone puts the blame on you but no one else.'

Finally, I'm able to realize that this is so true after an incident happened today.

I wanna stop being so foolish from today on wards. Don't tell me that i'm realistic. You might find ego in me or even show hatred towards me from today on wards, but frankly, I'm just trying to behave like how everyone around me does.

FML lar.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Qualifying test

Tomorrow and the following day, i'm having my qualifying test. 

Results no good = parents are rung = mama point middle finger to me.

So, will be updating my blog about the Jay Chou's concert right after my test. PROMISE! =D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Orientation Ball MCKL 2011

Everyone wore their respective formal attires to the awaited orientation ball organised by my college. All of them looked like princes and princesses. The ball hall looked magnificent even in our very first, short, 'cincai' glance.

It was held in Niko Hotel near KLCC, and Oscar, Kai Rong and me went there by requesting Seik Kye to be our rickshaw-wallah driver.

By the instance we approached, i was like WOAHH every gentleman was wearing their respective blazers or vests, while every lady was wearing their very utterly extremely superbly 'powderfully' good-looking tux and gaudy necklaces and bracelets. Not heavy meh? ._.

So, the ceremony started with some sort of marching music and someone delivered their rubbish speech which we who were starving did not listen to even one single word. Subsequently it was followed by some performances from the collegians and this was when we screamed like mad until no more voice as a sincere sign to support Shaun who was doing his awesome singing performance as well as Jack who was giving an attempt to show off his Chinese Yo-yo skills.

After the performances, REFRESHMENT!

I ate and ate and ate, and drank and drank and drank. Too bad no alcohol, otherwise i would be taking off my clothes in the hall already.

Next, the climax part of the whole ball. PROM. Some LOA boys like Kow Ben Jie (no offence heh!) requested for a dance from girls. Meanwhile, i held Cheng Nam's hand, held them into fist, and stampeded around the dancing ground and banged everyone else who danced romantically. And after that when the DJ changed the music from slow rock style into techno musics, we went crazy and jumped in single file around the dancing ground like china zombies ._.

Well, all of us were so high until i also didn't know wtf was actually going on. The only thing that i remember was Oscar gang banged mi with all the retarded MBS-ians, and also mi pushing Seik Kye to Penguin instead of pushing him into a group of hot girls. I genuinely apologized to him, saying that my accuracy sucks. =D

We went nuts until around i also have no idea what time was it, and we got back home. XD


 The sweetest lecturer in MCK --> Ms. Lydia <3

 camwhore in toilet. 5 yeng zais =D

 camwhore in toilet.

 Ms. Lydia with retarded MBS-ians ._.

Big group o.o